Поставка опере Севиљски берберин Ђоакина Росинија пленила је енергијом и духом младости, што некако највише и приличи комичном ремек делу италијанског композитора.

Радио Београд 2, Културни кругови.
Уторак, 14. мај 2019.


Definisan i gromko gibak orkestarski ton, pod sigurnim vođstvom Šoucove, tako je i sam po sebi pozornica od specijalno senzibilne vrste, po kojoj glasovi, idealno izabranih pevača, sa ukusom i osobenim intenzitetom koračaju i zbore o starim i novim vremenima…,
U takvoj dakle raskoši vidljivog i zamišljenog, muzika je mogla da plane punom vrelinom i sjajem, a u ideji dovršena i doigrana u glasovima solista i zvuku orkestra, pod upravom Vesne Šouc.

Premijera opere „Suton“, Stevana Hristića
Danas 25.10.2016.


Defined and stridently tractable tone, confidently conducted by Mrs. Souc, is particularly sensible type of stage itself , where voices, of the perfectly selected singers, with a taste and special intensity , march and speak about the old and new times.
In such splendor of visible and imaginative, the music could flare up in its full heat and brightness, embraced in the soloists’ voices and orchestra sound, under the baton carried by Vesna Šouc.

Premiere of the opera “Suton” by Stevan Hristić
Danas, October 25, 2016

maskMagnificent Belgrade chamber orchestra ”Dusan Skovran" led by Vesna Souc provided philharmonic of power and color, while interpreters have shown that virtuosity has no limits

Critics for concert in Salle Gaveau in Paris,

maskOnly artists of high class may have such author night in the center of European culture and attract large audience that has enjoyed every minute.

Critics for concert in Salle Gaveau in Paris,

maskRemarkably prepared string orchestra conducted by Vesna Souc provided foundation to the whole concert.

Critics for concert in Salle Gaveau in Paris,

maskThe instrumental ensemble managed to, being precisely conducted by Vesna Šouc Tričković, carry out the huge burden in the play, as well as to go through numerous metro-rhythmic changes and polyphonic structures of partiture that, stronger than vocal part, underlined dramatic intensity, occasionally followed by significant rhythm.

Radio Belgrade,
III programe, Maj 2008

maskWith her gracious, rhythmic gestures she managed to send obvious signs not only to the orchestra members but also to the opera actors themselves. Owing to her enchanting slackness and a smile on her face, she was simply suspended by music. The singers took turns, musicians played in succession, but, Vesna Šouc, a conductor, with her magic baton had everything under control from the very beginning till the end.

Novi Bečej,
Maj 2007

mask…Each perforamnce is a unique sensation…

Belgrade, 01 February 2006

maskThis splendid programme devoted to the brass is performed by sophisticated musicians capable to express not only the subtlest but also the strongest registers of this music.
"Le Monde de Musique", Paris, Ocotober 2004; "Four stars" for CD in Mandala Harmonia Mundi distribution (Music today), music by Ivan Jevtic, solo trumpet Eric Aubier.

"Le Monde de Musique",
Paris, Ocotober 2004

maskIt was impossible to miss, or not to admire, their young female conductor Vesna Souc, elegant in black lace, who proved to be the moving spirit behind the fine musicians who produced a sound quality fit for a large orchestra, with discipline happily married to remarkable musicality, colored with a perfect tone.

Turkish Daily News,
Bodrum, 25 September 2005

maskVesna Souc conducted Schubert´s "Stabat Mater" with certain easiness and spontaneuously, completely in accordance to the straight line with the compositions style direction. As it was case with Saint Saens, in her approach the stressed pose is consistent insisting on the simplicity and unpretentiousness, that shows maturity. She is the lady with strong artistic credibility and extreme charm.

Radio Belgrade, II programme

maskVesna Souc, brilliant conductor, has togethe with National Theatre Orchestra succesfully dominated over the cocncert hall emphasing dramatic, lyric and tone qualities of the situations and characters in the ballet.


maskVesna Souc has presented herself on this concert implementing in energetic and technically superior way her own, artistic mature conducting creations. Carefully listening always-authentic streams of the soloists' thoughts she has expressed the most flexible forms of dialogues between soloists and orchestras leaving to both the space where they could unrestrainedly express themselves. But her full authencity of her artistic personality this young artist showed in her brilliant interpretation of the Symphony in H-major and then in Divertiment in D-major by W.A. Mozart that young musicians played one more time. The path of this young people is uncertain, but one thing is sure: the gift is their mutual destiny, their happiness and life challenge that they have accepted with joy.

Radio Beograd I programme

maskThe works of Ravel and Pulank Vesna Souc conducted with clear and precise gestures, musically forming the graduation within all five paragraphs of suite. The orchestra played with well-coordinated group sound reacting to the conductor's demands. Complex and in rhythm rich orchestra accompaniments Vesna Souc conducted with vivacity and with such accuracy and thus she was reliable assistant to the soloists. Conducted by her hand the orchestra played in correct rhythm and in good dynamic colour.

Politika ekspres

maskOne young and very pretty person Vesna Souc with conducting baton in her hands enabled orchestra to feel confident. Good conducting technique, elegant gestures, and modesty on the scene are the attributes of this young girl who deserves her big chance.


mask"Royal strings of St. George" and Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Vesna Souc and with the soloist, pianists Constantine Bogino, Pavali Jumpanen and Nestorov were granted with great applause. The star of this concert was Vesna Souc a conductor, who dedicated herself to master this really ample task.


maskReally, this is one ambitious young person, very curious in her improving and at the same time very dignified and serious...


maskString players from the school for specially gifted children from Cuprija conducted by Vesna Souc played in such way that, concerning discipline, coordination, conducting and colouring of the melody lines, … even our Belgrade, great, professional symphonic orchestra could learn a lot from this orchestra.


maskThe work of " high mind" - Belgrade Philharmonic, choir "Lola" -Cherubini´s" Requiem"

Vesna Souc has to her obviously amazing persistence in her work with singers, in accordance to the best traditions of choir singing, that has resulted in plenty music phrases, balanced relation between voices and very reliable intonation, not sparing it added her sensible musicality, achieve her extremely warm vocal colours and shades without usual vibrations and stressing of "Slavistic note". The inner sophistication did not disturb her to impose, with her precise, strict gesticulation, her demands to the choir and orchestra, confident in her own artistic decisions from the very beginning till the end of this eighty minute long Requiem.

The real hero of the evening was Vesna Souc as a conductor who showed not only the skill and skilfulness to follow the soloists and young musicians in the orchestra that together with her, in the improved style and with vivacity, played Mozart Symphony No.29.


maskVesna Souc, a conductor, confidently followed the soloists setting up fine sound balance towards soloists and elaborated orchestra parts with clear style and extremely precise in rhythm.

Ekspres politika

maskExtremely high level of performance,that, as the one two weeks ago at BEMUS, has gone beyond student level, and it is no wonder. Belgrade Faculty of Music has reputation that it can be envied . The only problem in the choice of students for the orchestra was thedifficulty to choose best ones. "Only" a conductor has to be found, the one who knows what to do and what he or she wants, and the decision that Vesna Souc, a senior lecturer, should overtake this orchestra was the right move. Vesna Souc is very close to her students not only by her age but also by her sensibility, and she has obviously succeeded to establish excellent contact on the relation musicians-conductor, that is the base of the work in such ensembles. She already has impressive career behind herself, and our audience could already see her qualities on the concerts with lower symphonic.


maskThe great deal of loud applauses on the recent concert was for a conductor Vesna Souc. Confidently, but discreetly, she led the ensemble and soloists through the program that is not easy at all. She was invited only couple of days before the concert to replace her elder colleague who cancelled her arrival. The inspired orchestra was easily moved and reacted quickly to all her demands.